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World of Henna Documentary

World of Henna Documentary

Experience the world of Indian mehndi first hand by watching Melanie Ooi's award winning documentary, World of Henna.


Holiday Items + 10% off Gift Certificates at the Blue Lotus Henna Parlor

November 30, 2022

Hi folks! I have decided not to do any holiday events this year, but if you want to do any specific gift shopping, please feel free to set up an appointment at the Parlor. I have some fresh henna paintings on canvas, lots of handmade jewelry, and some new 2″ tea light candle sets along…

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Henna & Jagua Tattoo Gallery

I was modeling for an Indian bridal photoshoot for Oregon Bride magazine so I was sent to Melanie to get henna done beforehand. I was...
Sophia Phoenix
Amazing experience for my elopement! I received so many compliments. The artistry and everything about it fulfilled my vision perfectly. Highly recommend.
Tiffany M.
I loved spending time with Melanie in her henna parlour! I came away with a gorgeous hand design, a pretty candle and some earrings she...
Justine Lustig