Store Sale, Documentary Update, and TRAVEL!!!

Hi folks!

We made it through to 2021!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

In celebration of surviving 2020, the near completion of our henna documentary, and my upcoming trip to NZ , I am putting many of my web shop items on sale to clear my inventory.

SHOP: Check out the deals and make your purchases asap, as there is very limited stock and some pieces are one-offs.

DOCUMENTARY: It is currently being mastered and should be ready for our online release screening by mid-January! Stay tuned for the release date and tickets! All donors to our go fund me campaign for post-production costs will receive a free ticket. (Note: all shop purchases and henna appointments also help the completion of the film, as they feed and house me so that I can continue working!)

TRAVEL: I will be leaving the USA mid-January to spend 3.5 months in New Zealand with my family! I haven’t seen my mum for 2 years and COVID prevented her from making a planned visit to the States in the fall. I will be road tripping the south island with my mum to see the fall colors and to get to know my home country thoroughly (I left more than 20 years ago and have barely spent any time there since!!). I am excited for the adventure of a lifetime with my cute panda mummy, but also sad to leave my loved ones and responsibilities here in Portland. However, I will be back by May and looking forward to front porch henna sessions in the fine weather, with COVID much more under control by then (fingers crossed).

So keep your eye out here and on my social media (facebook and IG) for all of the documentary release information, shop local, keep up your social distancing, and I will see you in person in the late spring!

I love you! Thank you all for your support over the past year!!!! xoxoxo