Sale Item: DIY Henna Kit for Temporary Tattoo Body Art (older model)


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My henna kits have been developed over the years to bring you a very user-friendly and fun experience. Please watch my instructional video (on the videos page) to make your experience as smooth and successful as possible!

This older style of kit contains 20 grams of fresh, professional grade henna powder (a blend of Jamila and Rajasthani powders); a vial of custom blended essential oils; cellophane/foil for the applicator cone; 12 pretty designs to copy; very clear instructions; a practice sheet; trouble shooting advice; after care information.

The 20 grams of powder makes a generous amount of henna paste, so you can really have fun and experiment a lot with one kit by making 2 large cones (the main difference between this older kit and the newer design is that this one contains more powder but you have to roll your own cones).

All you will need is lemon juice or distilled water, sugar and scotch tape (honey or molasses can be used instead of sugar too).

Best of all, if you have any questions, you can always contact me!

Please note: If you are wanting to purchase henna for pregnancy, my Belly Henna Kit is suitable for this purpose. It contains specific instructions for working on a pregnant woman as well as pregnancy safe essential oils.