Henna Cone for Pregnancy- 1 oz


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My pregnancy henna cones are made from the highest quality natural henna powders and essential oils. The paste is strained to create the silkiest, smoothest texture that will never clog the cone tip and allows for the easiest, most enjoyable drawing experience. This cone is plenty for creating a large belly henna design.

Ingredients: henna powder, distilled water/black tea/lemon juice, sugar, PREGNANCY SAFE essential oil combo of any of the following: lavender, tea tree, geranium, patchouli.

AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP IN PORTLAND, OREGON ONLY. Please allow at least 24 hours from ordering and make a note in your order for your preferred pick up time/day. I will call you to confirm.


-Belly henna should be applied in the third trimester of a healthy, normal pregnancy. Please consult your healthcare professional before using. If you have anaemia, G6PD deficiency or any other blood or immunity issues during pregnancy, it is not recommended to use henna.

-The cone needs to be refrigerated or frozen anytime it is not in use. Otherwise the dye will expire. Think of it like food.

-Please check the ingredient list to make sure there isn’t anything you are allergic to. Customized cones can be made to accommodate your needs/allergies with sufficient notice.

-While there is sugar in the paste mixture, I always recommend using a “sealant” of lemon juice and sugar (or water and sugar if you are sensitive to lemon) on top of the dried henna design to stick it to the skin for longer.

PSA: Please do not use the cheap yet toxic pre-made cones from India/Middle East. They contain chemicals that can cause organ damage and permanent scarring. Even if you have used them before without apparent effects, damage can happen with repeated use. Always use henna paste that is mixed by professionals who can tell you exactly what is in the mixture! Natural henna stains orange through to the deepest burgundy. It does NOT stain black.