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100% Natural Belly Henna Body Art Temporary Tattoo DIY Kit for Pregnancy/Maternity


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Introducing my Belly Henna Kit!

As a professional henna artist who has specialized in belly henna for over a decade, I have refined this kit to be extremely user friendly. Please watch my instructional video (on the videos page) to make your experience as smooth and successful as possible!

It contains clear instructions and diagrams as well as a practice sheet for you to get comfortable with handling the henna cone and paste; extremely thorough advice on prepping, placement and after care; 4 updated belly designs to copy/inspire you!

The Belly Henna kit comes with 10 grams of professional grade blended Jamila/Raj powder, vials of tea tree & lavender essential oils (pregnancy safe), a pre-rolled cellophane cone, and the above mentioned instructions, practice sheet and designs.

(It is advised that henna be applied in the third trimester. Please get approval from your doctor/midwife first. If you have any blood or immunity issues, G6DP deficiency, or other pregnancy complications, it is not recommended to use henna).


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