Hi friends!

Well, 2020 certainly has been this century’s biggest curve ball so far….the workload I’d expected and planned to use to fund the post production of my henna documentary bottomed out completely. So I have been left with all the time I need to edit, but no money to cover the editing costs! I’ve done what I can to move forward, but we are now at a point where a little crowd funding would take us a long way. The goal is to have it completed by the end of the year.

So check out the go fund me video above, and if you feel moved to donate that would be amazing! I was proud to self fund this project so now it feels strange to ask for help, but these times are making us all shift our perspectives and expectations a lot.

There are incentive gifts for certain donation amounts, so check out their descriptions on the go fund me page.

We are so excited to share the magic, beauty and all of the ah-ha moments that we experienced in India at the beginning of this year. The documentary will be the first of its kind and will appeal to henna lovers and the general public alike.

You can look back on our India adventure in my IG posts and story from January & February!

Thank you in advance!