elcome to the world of Blue Lotus Henna, the home of Portland's most exquisite henna artistry performed by Melanie Ooi.

Here you will find all of your henna desires fulfilled- from gorgeous belly henna, to intricate bridal designs; custom pieces and the ability to reproduce any images you bring to her.

Melanie's services extend beyond the skin, to henna decorated candles, belly casting and decorating, and ethereal mandala paintings. She also has a range of henna products for you to take home.

Whether visiting you in your home or hosting you in her fabulous henna parlor and day spa, Melanie is devoted to creating the ultimate Mehndi experience.

  Photo by CassandraSassePhotography.com

Photos by Marv Johnson



Why Blue Lotus? The blue lotus or blue water lily grows on the banks of the Nile River. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians steeped it in wine and imbibed it for its euphoric effects. Egypt is also the home of the oldest evidence we can find of the use of henna. So when you receive adornment from Blue Lotus Henna, you are experiencing the art and the euphoria of this ancient form of blessing and celebration that Melanie embodies.